Our place is not rentable on the open market.  We reserve it for friends, family and acquaintances we know and trust when we aren’t planning to be there ourselves.

The market rate for our place is about $3,500/week during the summer.  We are offering it for $1,800 per week or $300 per night from May through October.  The balance of the year it is $1,000/week or $200/night.

Booking is pretty flexible depending on what is available and what you want.  Unless otherwise noted, you can plan on arriving there by 2:00pm on the day of arrival and out by noon your last day.  Depending on the cleaning schedule, we’ll let you know if you can plan on an earlier arrival or later departure.

The cleaning fee is now included in the rate but we do ask for assistance with laundry (towels, bedding) and putting out trash.

Sometimes the reservation system glitches so always make sure to check in with us if you don’t hear back within a few days.  We do our best to put in dates that we plan to be there ourselves but sometimes forget so don’t nail anything down until you get confirmation from us.