Our address is 111 W. Brooks Street Leland, MI 49654 but that will not always help you find our place.  It doesn’t show up in most on-line maps.  Some get you close and some send you to another part of the state.  We assume you will be headed north into Leland.  After going through town, M22 goes uphill and curves gently to the right.  Just past the crest of the hill as M22 begins to bend left is Hill Street which only goes left/west towards Lake Michigan.  (A large yellow arrow indicating the bend to the left basically points down Hill Street.)  At the end it hits Lake Street which you take to the right/north.  At the top of the Hill take a hard right/east onto Brooks Street (some maps have Brooks mistakenly labeled at Lake Street) which heads you back towards M22.  About a hundred yards down on the right/south is a driveway.  This is a shared gravel driveway which dead ends into our property in about another hundred yards.

For those of you who have been to our place before, note that the driveway has moved.  You’ll hit it about a hundred feet earlier than you used to.  Pictures below show old driveway.

Leland is roughly three hours from Grand Rapids and only a little over a  half hour from Traverse City.

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