There is no key for the house as the front door has a combination coded deadbolt.  We will provide you the temporary access code.  To open, enter the 4 digit code, which engages the deadbolt and allows you to turn it to unlock. To lock, push the ‘Schlage’ button above the numbers which allows you to turn and lock the deadbolt.

Unless otherwise noted, you can plan on coming by 2:00pm on the day of arrival and departing by noon your last day.  Depending on the cleaning schedule, we’ll let you know if you can plan on an earlier arrival or later departure.

The thermostat can be controlled remotely so we can warm it up in the winter before anyone gets there.  You can adjust the temperature as you wish in person.  The default temperature is set for 50 degrees.  There are two portable AC units.  Whether they are set up or stored in the basement, feel free to use as needed.  We also have a few fans.

By and large the beds will not be made when you arrive.  If some are, be assured the bedding is clean.  Bed linens are in the tall cabinets in the bathrooms in the main and upper levels.  Extra blankets, comforters and pillows will be in the same closets, bedroom closets or armoires.

You may have to turn the water on.  This is located in the northwest corner of the basement in the unfinished part, opposite the laundry area.  It is a yellow-handled valve near the floor.  When the valve is in line with the pipe it is “on” and when it is perpendicular to the pipe it is “off”.  See picture in Gallery under Loft/Basement.

There are a few things we ask you do when you leave:

*Strip the sheets and pillow cases from any beds that have been used and toss them on the ground or on the shelf near the laundry.  Unless you have reason to believe specific blankets or comforters are dirty, you can simply fold them up and place them on the beds. Blankets and comforters are cleaned regularly but not every single time.

*Laundry: Because the cleaners do not have time to do the laundry, we ask for your help.  We do not expect you to hang around long enough and fill your final morning with laundry but if you can manage to do a load or two, that would be very helpful.

Likewise, if there is a pile of unwashed bedding and towels the prior visitors could not get to, please help out by washing/drying/folding them at your leisure.  Bathroom cabinets have labels for where things go.  If you can’t figure it out and don’t want to guess, simply leave them folded on the counter by the laundry or in a laundry basket.

*Turn off the main water line.

*Turn out all lights, including outdoor lights.

*Close and lock all windows and doors.

All of the appliances in the cabin are pretty straight forward.   While the antique baking oven works and you can use it as a second oven, we’d suggest you use the modern oven under the counter for more consistent results. The antique stove cooktop has new gas burners that work well. Remember to hold the knobs down while lighting the burners.

There is a laundry area in the basement with full sized front-loading washer and dryer.

The grill on the deck is available for use.  Please turn the propane tank off when finished.  There is usually an extra propane tank in the shed.

The fire pit is in the driveway and you are free to burn branches you find on the ground (our property goes all the way down to M22) and any wood from any of the wood piles.  There is usually old newspaper in one of the pots on the front porch and often dry kindling in a box in the shed.  Hot dog and marshmallow sticks are on the deck and some sandwich cookers and wooden dowels in the shed.  If they are not there already, you can move the plastic adirondack chairs and wooden benches to the fire pit from wherever they may be.

Feel free to use what you want in the kitchen cupboards and fridge.

If you need to borrow a hat, sweatshirt, sandals, water bottle or anything else you see, that’s fine.  Toys, tools, and backpacks are for anyone to use.

There are a handful of bikes in the basement.  The combination to the bike locks are 0520 or -52-.

There are a few beach chairs in the shed or basement and usually some camping cots in the basement.

There are also usually some fishing poles in the basement.  Bait can be purchased at a store called “The Fish Hook”, located on the corner directly inland from the marina parking.  The gas station in Lake Leelanau also has worms and longer hours.

If our kayaks, paddles and life jackets happen to be there when you are, feel free to use them as well.  If you are comfortable towing a trailer, feel free to do so.  The trailer requires a 2 inch ball.  There is an extra trailer hitch on the shelf to the right in the shed if your vehicle is equipped.

There are hammocks on the porch and straps in one of the pots by the front door.  Near the bell tower there are three trees ready with hooks. There are also hooks on the posts and walls of the front porch.

A note regarding the bathroom toilets – they sometimes sweat so much you might think they are leaking.  If it gets bad enough on humid days, you may wrap a towel around the base on the ground to soak up water.

The red garbage bags in the hall closet are for garbage pickup. Please put them on the ground at the end of the driveway at the cul-de-sac or in the green garbage cart.  All garbage must be in the red bags to be picked up.  Garbage pick up is on Monday so it’s best to have it out Sunday evening.  If you are leaving and there are more than a couple of days until Monday pick up, put the red bags in the green garbage cart to protect from animals.

We have no cable but there is a WiFi connection. The signal strength varies.  The password will be provided with the welcoming email.  There are WiFi repeaters to improve signal strength in the upstairs loft area and master bedroom.  They will show up as separate networks in your phone’s settings and the password for each are the same as the main WiFi.

If you have a phone with WiFi assist calling, it will be helpful to activate that.  Depending on your service, you may not get a signal on your phone.  It may help the signal to step outside onto the deck on the south side or into the yard.

There is a television and Blue Ray DVD player in the upstairs loft. You can bring movies and stream from your devices to the extent you can get a decent signal.  The TV is connected to WiFi so you should be able to get on to your streaming services, Amazon, etc.  There are two remotes.  The SmartHub button on one will get you to the internet options.

The Leland Mercantile is a small grocery store at the main intersection but it has all the basics you need. It also generally has a decent selection of warm foods & soups and ready-to-eat salads and sandwiches and fruit/veggie/meat/cheese options.  They also have ready-to-bake fresh pizzas.

The closest emergency care /urgent care facility is in Traverse City and there is a pharmacy on Main Street in Suttons Bay. There is a fire department in Leland for immediate first aid help, either via calling 911 or going there in person.

For planning purposes, at the cabin you will find:

  • a pack-n-play
  • a baby/dog gate
  • beach towels
  • beach chairs
  • an extra of almost anything you forget
  • horse shoe pits
  • tetherball
  • corn hole
  • ladder golf
  • basketball hoop
  • handful of bikes including one 20 inch child’s bike
  • table tennis
  • pool table
  • darts
  • huge grease board (for random art or a rousing game of Pictionary)
  • books, comics and puzzles
  • firewood
  • life jackets from children to adults including one for an infant
  • kayaks & paddle boards (check with us to see if they are up there)
  • couple of fishing poles
  • hammocks
  • large campfire ring
  • hotdog and marshmallow roasting sticks
  • dowels for cooking biscuit pockets
  • cooking irons for pies and sandwiches
  • large flat screen TV and DVR (no cable or television service)
  • day packs and beach bags

Bedroom & Bed Set Up

Bedroom #1: 1 queen bed

Bedroom #2: 1 twin over queen bunkbed

Bedroom #3: 1 twin over queen bunkbed

Bedroom #4: 1 twin over queen bunkbed, 1 comfortable queen futon bed and 2 twin mattresses in the bedroom loft

Second Floor Loft has another comfortable queen futon bed

In the basement are two queen inflatable beds that can be put anywhere.  Also, the sectional couch, while not a fold out, has slept many a person.  Basement can easily be used to sleep a group of kids or a family.  Also has a half bath down there.

Note that all twins are either upper bunks or in a loft accessed by a ladder (a kid’s favorite but possibly not for the youngest ones).


Call, email or text us with any questions.